Friday, September 23, 2005


Students who are OK!!!!

The following students have all contacted me and are registered in schools in faraway places:

James Harris c/o 2006 Lafayette
Sarah Marquez c/o 2006
Emile Baham c/o 2008 Atlanta, GA
Lauren LeDuff c/o 2007 Houston, TX
Jordan Anderson c/o 2008 Duluth, GA
Jasmine Walker c/o 2008 Shreveport, LA

Please add your name or the names and location of other Easton students. Feel free to leave your contact info. if you want people to be able to call or email you. All the best and keep your heads up,
Ms. Rious

Reinell Porter c/o 2008 Nashville,TN
My niece Shante Barber is in
Las Vegas. Her mother is planning to return to the city when she can find available housing. She wants to graduate in New Orleans in the spring. I will be in the area on Monday so I can check out the damage to our property in New Orleans East. Wish me luck.

Lolita M. Barber
Found the blog and it looks great. I worked with Emile Baham at Green Middle. Happy to know he is safe and others as well. I wish I could get the same news from kids at the My House Center for Learning, 2010 Peniston Street.

Lori Webster
I am glad you added my father's name to the list. I checked one day last week and he was not on it.
No, no, no!!!! Reinell Porter is c/o of 2006. Go Seniors! Currently at Hillwood High in Nashville, TN. I'm on the soccer team and having a good time so far. Still looking forward to graduating with my friends from Easton! I miss my friends! Sarah please email me or call, text SOMETHING!!!!
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Hi its star c/05 wassup everybody
Hi everybody,im back in New Orleans on the westbank and my house and everything is great.Im now attending L.W. Higgins High School, I recently passed by Warren Easton and its looks like it might be savageable but it took in water up to the bottom of the first floor,a lot of trees are down and their is no power, but like always Easton will rise again.
Brandon Keelen Houston,TX c/o 2006.
Hey everybody this chels. I was just letting everybody know I'm okay and still reppin on Easton.
Hi. I arrived back in louisiana at around 3 o'clock this morning. My parents went back to our home in New Orleans East this morning and nothing could be saved. I am in Avondale right now. But it looks like i m going to graduate in Texas.
Kandace Parker C/O 2006 Houston,TX
Jasmine James C/O 2006 Houston,TX
Kevin VIcknair C/O 2006 Dallas,TX
Bianca Woods C/O 2006 Laplace,LA
Joshua Trainer C/O 2006 Dallas,TX
Briana Bachemin c/o '06 Houston, TX Contact me at
Cory Garcia c/o 2006 Chicago, IL,
Amy Pitts c/o 2006 Chicago, IL
Jessica Lopez c/o 2006 Houston, TX
Hi everyone this is Dominique Alexander c/o 06. I'm located in Baton Rouge, La. I will return back to New Orleans after I graduate. I hope everyone is O.K, and one day we will meet again.
I miss Warren Easton so much. I can't wait until it open for the next school year. the school I attend now don't have anything on eatson. I would be back next school year. KATRINA CAN'T STOP THE EAGLES!!!
I'm a senior right now in some Baton Rouge. But I'm still a Warren Easton Fighting Eagle. I did not want to graduate for over here in Baton Rouge, I wanted to get my high school diploma from Warren Easton High School.
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